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Origin = American

#31104 - Hooked Rug
9' 4" X 6'


A Guide To American Rugs

Aviram Aziz Inc is an authoritative source of antique oriental rugs including Persian, American, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese and European rugs. American rugs are truly work of art. Each rug is readied after months of tireless dedication. Navajo Indian rugs are the most popular form of Native American rugs. These rugs are prepared in traditional Mexican style. Our most experienced raftsmen kneel before a wooden framed loom and use a shuttle to weave colored threads together. Geometric patterns and designs are obtained in this process. Originally these rugs were made using hand spun cotton thread. However after the Spanish introduced weaving using wool, Native American craftsmen had shifted to wool for manufacturing this form of rugs. Seminole sashes and patchworks are an important element of rugs prepared by Native Americans. These works add to the appeal of these products.
Weaving among Native Americans has a history of over 1000 years. Initially they used to make carpets and blankets. Later when the demand for rugs increased exponentially, Native Americans shifted to manufacturing of rugs. Since then the popularity of American rugs have been following an upward graph. Native Americans prepare rugs by using a heavier type of weaving, using borders instead of stripes. The rugs prepared by these people are known for its distinctive designs and texture. They are apt for interior decoration fans. Most interior decorators in the American region recommend the use of American rugs for enhancing the appeal of the rooms. These rugs are also extremely durable and easy to manage.
Typical American rugs have strong geometric patterns on them. These rugs are usually flat tapestry woven like Kilim rugs. In the weaving of this kind of rugs the warp does not extend beyond the weaving as fringe. Traders from the 19th century and early 20th century promoted the use of several Kilim motifs in the design of American rugs. A century back, the main forms of colorations used in the design of rugs by Native Americans were natural brown, indigo and white. The indigo dye used in these rugs was obtained through trade. However the trend gradually changed and the craftsmen started using red, green, black and gray for coloring the rugs. These colors signified different aspects of earth as explained by different locations of the reservation. 
Traditional Native American weavers dedicate ample amount of time perfecting these rugs. These craftsmen use upright looms with no moving parts. Support poles made out of steel pipes are now commonly in use. The craftsmen usually sit on the floor while weaving and wrap the finished portion of the cloth under the loom as it grows. On an average, a Native American craftsman takes around 2 months to a year to finish a single rug. The size of the rug essentially determines the time spent for the preparation.
We offer American rugs usually at affordable prices however the pricing will fluctuate depending upon the handwork and design used. Customers will be able to find rugs with intriguing motifs from authentic retailers. It is preferable to confirm the quality of the material before purchasing it. The traditional art of weaving is indirectly protected when you purchase a Native American handcrafted rug. Therefore make sure that you are sourcing the rug from a genuine retailer like Aviram Aziz Inc.

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