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Design = Bidjar

#74572 - Bidjar
15' 5" X 7' 9"

#5668 M - Bidjar
15' 5" X 7' 9"

#74496 - Bidjar
14' 9" X 9' 7"

#74485 - Bidjar
24' X 8' 6"

#am2057 - Bidjar
22' 10" X 12' 6"

#73802 - Bidjar
5' 9" X 4' 8"

#73566 - Bidjar
2' 2" X 2' 8"

#32255 - Bidjar
16' 8" X 12' 2"

#32250 - Bidjar
14' 2" X 10' 8"

#32189 - Bidjar
17' 9" X 11' 4"

#73538 - Bidjar
12' 6" X 8' 2"

#32144 - Bidjar
11' 8" X 19'


Dancing In Bidjar Rugs

All incredibly superb rugs are easily traceable to Aviram Aziz Inc. which houses most stylish rugs and specifically introduces Bidjar Rugs. These rugs are known for their peculiarity in style and pattern. They are also celebrated for their durable formation and strong, raised fiber. The sophistication in their design often grants them suitability in both traditional and modern interiors. The creative embroidery and complicatedly exclusive motif on the rugs portends an impeccable creation.
Bidjar Rugs is an inexplicable display of mastery and relishes flawless mastery. The rugs are manufactured to suit all purposes and blended to handle very busy foot traffic. They are made for rooms in hotels, residential and office buildings. Hallways, common rooms and public entries can count on these rugs. Their beauty is unparalleled when brought to the market. Many households would embrace the comfort that they promise. Administrative buildings are not excluded as they are in pretty need of such quality rugs. The best way to make your clients and guests quite happy is to give them foot comfort as they walk into your office or home. This comfort is ascertained by the use of these rugs.  Every so often, the type of rugs used in your complex determines the beauty you exude. Rugs make all the difference in interior decoration as they colorfully and magnificently match the home or office requirements.
The hallways make foot traffic quite recurrent and thereby aggravate the frequent use of the rugs on their floors. If the rugs used are of substandard quality in such torrential foot traffic areas, they will sure wear and tear too. Bidjar Rugs are the best kind of rugs that can be used for such tough and busy floors. Much of the decision to buy rugs would be determined by these outstanding qualities.  These rugs are quite thick and possess high quality. They are durable and hence, can survive a long time. Some rugs can wear and tear very easily especially when subjected to tough places like the hallways, common rooms and foyers. However, the rugs made in Bidjar are by construction carved out to sustain in tough areas. They are best enjoyed in busy floors.
In the homes, offices and some public places where the rugs to be laid might be requiring a good selection of color, the Bidjar Rugs present the possibility. You may not have seen what you want in color, but a little tour to sample these rugs would amaze you with the finest of options. They are invariably the first and the last of all good and quality rugs. The color selection provided by the rugs make all walls colors welcome them. They match very favorably with the color of your walls. Wise selection of these rugs in respect to your color blend, your home is given a stunningly gorgeous look.
Many homes crave for beauty, offices go for elegant appearance, and hallways portend a public monument. A complete and perfect array of Bidjar Rugs would amaze and dazzle onlookers as they bring a world of artistic competence and excellent appearance.

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