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Design = European

#74646 - European
9' 10" X 7' 2"

#72698 - European
7' 9" X 3' 6"


European Rugs From Aviram Aziz Inc

Aviram Aziz Inc welcomes you to the most comprehensive collection of rugs online. European rugs are a perfect addition to your home and office. Aviram Aziz Inc offers some of the finest contemporary and modern rugs available in the market today. You will be able to find rugs that match colors and styles of furniture. Rugs are also available in rare shades like gray, pumpkin, muted red and taupe. These distinctive modern rugs will surely leave a mark on your mind. The colors and designs of these rugs carry the high standards set by European designs. Apart from rugs we also offer an extensive collection of carpets in varying sizes.
European rugs offered by us are available in varying price tags. You will be able to find expensive rugs with sophisticated designs and cheap rugs with subtle designs. Each of the rugs offered by us has a distinct appeal of its own. You will surely be able to find rugs according to your taste in fashion at our website. The rugs offered by us are perfect to be used as floor coverings or as furniture coverings. Several high profile interior decorators recommend our site for sourcing European rugs mainly because of the quality we offer. We especially offer an unbeatable selection of European rugs for interested customers. These rugs are known for their unique designs and durable characteristics.
We are proud to offer you an elaborate collection of Chinese, Caucasian, Indian, Turkish, India, Persian and European rugs. Oriental rugs had a great influence on European rug designs. Several regions in Europe started developing their own techniques in rug making by the beginning of the 17th century. Since then a marvelous array of rugs were manufactured by craftsmen from different parts of the Europe. Factories in Savonnerie and Aubusson are particularly known for manufacturing exceptional European rugs. You can find and purchase rugs manufactured at these factories from our site.
In our website you will be able to find several types of carpets including Aubussons, Heriz and Serapi, Lavar and Kerman, Sarouk, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak and Tapestries. A wide variety of patterns and designs could be found in our collection of European rugs. It is easy to differentiate these rugs from Persian, Chinese and Indian carpets because of certain distinct features. Rugs made by European craftsmen have solid and stylish designs such as blocks, checks and stripes. These rugs can be easily matched with colors and designs of all kinds of interior décor. These rugs are basically colored using strong colors including black, red and white.
We are determined to provide quality to our customers and our team is seamlessly dedicated for providing customer satisfaction. European rugs are not confined to floral designs like Persian rugs. Vivid colors can also be found in these rugs. Commonly floral designs are depicted in bright colors in these rugs. These rugs are particularly suitable to be laid on reception areas and dining rooms. You will be able to find exclusive rugs sourced from expert craftsmen from different parts of the globe at our site. Find a detailed list of such rugs at our website.

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