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Design = Chinese

#74628 - Chinese
6' 5" X 3' 5"

#74427 - Chinese
6' 9" X 4'

#74329 - Chinese
4' X 6'

#74259 - Chinese
5' 10" X 3'

#74059 - Chinese
5' 1" X 2' 9"

#74032 - Chinese
8' 10" X 6' 1"

#74003 - Chinese
2' X 2' 2"

#74002 - Chinese
4' 1" X 2' 2"

#73978 - Chinese
8' 11" X 7' 1"

#72643 - Chinese
5' 2" X 2' 5"


Add Chinese Rugs To Your Drawing Room

Chinese rugs, both antique and decorative from Aviram Aziz Inc is what you need to make your house a home. Being a second generation rug dealer, the company has lots of experience under its belt. The rugs of this company are popular is America, Europe and the Middle East. We have a unique collection of oriental rugs, which include Indian, Turkish, Chinese, Persian, European and Caucasian rugs. The sizes of the rugs vary from scatter to oversize, so, depending on the area where you want to place the rug, you can select the one that you want.
Chinese rugs are more than just a decorative piece in your home. The warmth and comfort provided by these rugs is what makes them special. They give the room a feeling of softness and match with the traditional furniture. Most of the rugs have a backdrop of beige, rust or terra colors. This blends nicely with most of the colors of traditional and conservative furniture.
These rugs are available in the traditional Chinese soothing patterns which are very popular and never go out of fashion. Each individual piece is made with utmost care to the details. This uniqueness is what makes them a very popular purchase for any home. Apart from being a fashion symbol, these rugs are also a very useful object to have in the home, especially in cold winters. They provide warmth to the person sitting on it.
The timelessness of the designs makes these rugs look like treasured pieces of antiques preserved from generations of family. The Chinese rugs are also very popular in offices as the complicated and obscure patterns in the rugs makes the office look alive. It offers a connection to the clients who visit you and also gives them comfort.
They can also be put to numerous other uses. You can get a unique piece of table cloth by covering the rug with plastic. Also it can be used as a yoga mat. It can also be hanged on walls for the lack of a painting. Your imagination is the limit here. Instead of using them in the traditional way, you can think of many creative ways of decorating your home with them.
Being handmade, each piece is unique. The imagination of the craftsman is what makes each of the Chinese rugs different from the other. The weaving of threads into intricate patterns opens a whole new world of colors and patterns. The customers get to choose from a wide array of patterns, designs and colors. Aviram Aziz Inc has a wide selection of antique carpets of various sizes. The chief styles include Lavar and Kerman, Tabriz, Sultanabad, Heriz and Serapi, Aubussons, Oushak, Sarouk and Tapestries.
The varieties of these rugs are very well depicted in our online catalogue. The depiction of rugs in an attractive manner pulls the customer towards the online shop and one easily selects the rug which he wants. Chinese rugs not only decorate your home, it also provides comfort and relief to the user, so purchase yours from Aviram Aziz Inc and give your home the traditional look!

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