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Design = India

#30634 - India
26' X 15'

#74022 - India
9' X 6' 9"

#73967 - India
9' 6" X 6' 7"

#73835 - India
8' X 10'

#32038 - India
8' X 6' 1"

#73781 - India
9' 9" X 8' 1"

#2277 - India
13' 6" X 16' 3"


A Comprehensive Guide To Indian Rugs

If you are looking for a one stop source to know different types of Antique and decorated rugs including Indian rugs, then visit Aviram Aziz Inc. The store not only have a broad inventory of Indian rugs, but also can provide different services like cleaning and repair. Traditional rug making in India is believed to have commenced during the 1500, under the reign of Emperor Akbar. Indian rug industry in its early days was hugely supported by expert weavers from Iran. Therefore a heavy influence of the popular Esfahan style in Persia is quite evident in rugs manufactured in this part of the world. Indian rug makers customized Persian designs based on Indian tastes. Wool was one of the most common raw materials used in the manufacturing of traditional Indian rugs. However current generation of rug makers use silk and cotton in addition to wool.
Indian rugs are widely famous for their extremely attractive pictorial messages and asymmetry. A lot of well detailed figural designs and floral inspirations can be found in these rugs. The craft or rug making mainly prevails in certain areas of Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh. The color schemes used in the rugs from India are often considered subtler compared to the ones used in Persian rugs. Floral rugs and prayer rugs are one of the most popular and acclaimed rugs from India. They are known for their vibrant design and flamboyant color usage.
Some of the most popular types of Indian rugs include Jaipur rugs, Agra rugs and Mirzapur rugs. Most of these rugs took direct inspiration from Persian counterparts. Mirzapur rugs usually have rounded figures which are given a dark red color with pale yellow or cream background. The borders of these rugs have pear or floral pattern. These patterns are often connected by vines. Jaipur rugs often showcase the Persian connection quite well. Patterns of cypress tree can be found in rugs made by craftsmen from this region. Jaipur rugs also incorporate designs of animal forms in dark red or ivory background. The borders are embellished using vine and floral patterns.
There are also prevalent styles like Dhurries and Indo-mir. These styles often depend upon flat woven methods. Traditional Dhurries often have geometric, floral patterns embedded on them. These rugs are often made from cotton, wool or jute. Indo-mirs on the other hand are noticeable mostly for their small botehs which are placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally. These Indian rugs are highly durable and are perfect add on for interior spaces. Dhurries are commonly used as floor and bed covering due to their soft nature. Colorful designs are what makes these rugs stand apart from the crowd.
Apart from taking inspiration from Persian art crafts, Indian craftsmen also have drawn influence from Chinese. Chinese style Indian rugs are peculiar for the uniqueness in border designs. The borders in these forms of rugs usually have geometric design filled with solid color. Main motifs used in these form of rugs are usually blue in color. Some craftsmen prefer to use pink and white color in motifs. There is also an evident taste in the selection of background colors. Yellow, ivory, peach etc are some of the commonly used background colors.
Indian rugs are extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. It is an apt choice when it comes to choosing a rug for covering wooden floorings. The mesmerizing designs are sure to leave a mark on the minds of observers.

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