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Design = Turkoman

#8427 - Turkoman
3' 6" X 1'

#8057 - Turkoman
1' 3" X 3'

#73118 - Turkoman
5' 5" X 3' 3"


How Turkoman Rugs Make A Big Difference

Aviram Aziz Inc. has an enormous variety of Turkoman rugs. We hold antique and classy fissionable rugs from India, Turkey, China, Europe and Iran. Turkoman rugs were one known as afghan or Bukhara rugs. Now, they are also known as Turkmen rugs. These carpets were basically made in Afghanistan but when afghan immigrants went from afghan to turkey, they took these carpets with them to sale. These rugs conquered the Turkish markets and soon they were being made in turkey. Originally, these carpets had single wove but Turkish people made some change and made them with double knot. Nomadic rug is the type of rug made in the tribes of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, northern Iran and Afghanistan. Turkmen rugs are inspired from these rugs and are made up of 100% pure wool.
Turkoman rugs use a unique shape called GUL. GUL is an octagonal motif weaved all over on the rug. Sometimes, these GULS are woven in repeated patterns e.g., smaller GULS inside the larger ones. They are sometimes woven in rows. Common colors used in these rugs are white, blue, black, and beige. It is an interesting fact that the word “GUL” is derived from the Turkish word for family. Hatchli design is another less frequent design used in these rugs. This design is used in “ensi” rug which was originally designed to cover the doors.
We provide you with carpets of different sizes from scatter to oversize, Heriz and Serapi, concentrated in Aubussons, Sarouk, Tabriz, Sultanabad, Oushak and Tapestries. Today, it is impossible to find a carpet specialist who does not know anything about Turkoman rugs. The international fame these rugs have got was well deserved by them. This is not only for their artistic design, but its rich color range, composition and simple rhythmic designs.
Turkomen tribes live in many areas of Iran. All Turkoman rugs have geometric patterns. These rugs are made in different qualities. Older carpets, made before 1945, are of very good quality. Our new rugs are dyed in chemical dyes while the older ones were dyed in vegetable dyes. Our new rugs even have low KPSI’s than the older ones. These rugs come in different sizes but most of them are of (2X3 to 4X6 feet). If you want then you can also get them in larger sizes available at our outlets. The main colors in these carpets are dark red but you can also get them in blue and black color.
As the sizes of Turkoman rugs vary, its prices also vary. If you really search for them, you will find one in a reasonable price. You will find out the real joy of decorating your house only after buying one from us.
Usually, we use Turkish knots in these rugs. You can check the number of knots by turning its back. Keep in mind that the higher the number of knots, higher will be the quality. Average numbers of knots, in these rugs are 120 KPSI. The prices of Turkoman rugs also change with the number of knots. Usual price is from $4 to $17 per square foot (PSF).

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