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Design = Kerman

#74616 - Kerman
14' 3" X 12'

#74054 - Kerman
5' X 5'

#74574 - Kerman
20' 7" X 15'

#74570 - Kerman
12' X 8' 10"

#74555 - Kerman
10' 10" X 7' 10"

#74533 - Kerman
18' 9" X 12'

#74256 - Kerman
19' 10" X 14' 4"

#74530 - Kerman
10' 6" X 6' 10"

#74532 - Kerman
8' 5" X 5' 10"

#T3499 - Kerman
10' 6" X 15' 9"

#74423 - Kerman
19' 3" X 2' 8"

#74410 - Kerman
7' X 4'

#74384 - Kerman
11' 8" X 9'

#74382 - Kerman
8' 8" X 6' 1"

#74356 - Kerman
13' 9" X 9' 10"

#74346 - Kerman
5' 9" X 2' 6"

#71285 - Kerman
6' X 3'

#74250 - Kerman
6' X 4'

#74251 - Kerman
6' X 4'

#74247 - Kerman
4' 10" X 3' 2"

#74231 - Kerman
7' 2" X 2' 6"


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Kerman Rugs

Kerman rugs are beautiful hand woven carpets within the larger family of Persian rugs that can be found at Aviram Aziz Inc., your ultimate source for antique and decorative rugs and carpets.  Sometimes referred to as Kirman rugs, these were originally created in the south central Iranian city of Kerman.  In fact, some once regarded Kerman rugs and textiles as the finest Persian rugs available due to the use of high quality Carmania wool.  Kerman carpets had a varied array of colors, often with brillant and bold hues of blue, magenta or golden saffron.  The dye process of the wool was unique to this region resulting in a uniform even color distribution.  The master weavers of Kerman were admired by many as skilled craftsmen, creating fine quality textiles for the world to enjoy. 
Kerman rugs are renowned for distinct design patterns.  The most recognizable pattern within Kerman carpets was coined the vase carpet pattern.  This specific pattern arose in the late 16th century and early 17th century and refers to rugs with scattered vases within a background of flowers, palmettes or similar motifs using an all over pattern.  This unique and storied pattern was desired by many.  Other Kerman carpets had exquisite curvilinear all over design patterns that demonstrate the amazing skills of the weavers. Some rugs had complex central medallions with complex edges again illustrating the superior craftsmanship of the master weavers. 
Aviram Aziz Inc. is the place to find these high quality Kerman rugs from Iran.  We also carry a wide variety and selection of antique Oriental style rugs from other locations including Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese and European rugs. Choosing a Persian style rug should be a fun and enjoyable task.   These works of art come in a vast array of color palettes ranging from soft golden and beige to bold rich brillant colors sure to make a statement to anyone who comes upon them.  You will have trouble deciding whether or not to put these amazing creations on the floor or keep them safe from walkers by hanging them on your walls.  In fact, many of the famous master weavers used fine silks woven into the carpets to create the antique Kerman and other Persian rugs and numerous collectors hang these masterpieces on the walls.
Whether you are in the market for Kerman rugs or other antique Oriental carpets, choosing the right size to meet your needs is imperative.  Our rug experts are available to guide you throughout the entire selection process.  Choosing the right colors, the right size and style and patterns are all tasks our staff will gladly assist you with.  Aviram Aziz Inc. has a wide selection of antique carpets ranging in size from scatter smaller throw rugs great for small or unusual spaces to larger carpets good for grand spaces.  No matter the size or style you are looking for, we are here to help you select just what you are looking for.  Although we have a wide selection, we concentrate in Aubussons, Heriz and Serapi, Sarouk, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak, and Lavar and Kerman rugs.

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