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Design = Caucasian

#74580 - Caucasian
5' 6" X 3' 6"

#2600 DZ - Caucasian
10' 2" X 3' 8"

#24643 - Caucasian
15' 4" X 4' 2"

#74062 - Caucasian
5' 2" X 2' 10"

#23559 - Caucasian
6' 6" X 4' 4"

#74150 - Caucasian
3' 11" X 3'

#74262 - Caucasian
4' 6" X 3' 5"

#74193 - Caucasian
5' 3" X 3' 5"

#74046 - Caucasian
5' X 3' 9"

#73947 - Caucasian
5' 3" X 3' 6"

#73975 - Caucasian
5' 2" X 3' 10"

#100 - Caucasian
4' 7" X 8' 1"

#32102 - Caucasian
9' 6" X 3' 2"

#73186 - Caucasian
11' 7" X 5' 7"

#22 - Caucasian
5' 4" X 3' 8"


Elegance In Caucasian Rugs

The best place to source for gorgeous and quality rugs such as Caucasian Rugs is Aviram Aziz Inc., the home of Antique and Decorative Rugs.  These rugs bring depth to elegance and style. They are created with Turkish or Giordes knot to ascertain class and possess the finest of creativity and artistic competence. These attributes are depicted in their kind of color combinations, creative designs, thickness, commensurate sizes and sophisticated fabric blending.
Caucasian Rugs encapsulate these stunning characteristics in their unique and different types such as Akstafa rugs, Armenian rugs, Avar rugs, Baku-Chula rugs, Bidjov rugs and many more.  Consequently, Akstafa rugs possess astonishing creativity as they are embellished with a bird like creature and crude cocks to portray magnificence.  Avar rugs also come with peculiar designs too as they are beautified with rows of stepped polygon.  Each set of rugs define class and creativity.
Your home is completely dignified and decorated with accolade when Caucasian Rugs become your choice. Many times, houses appear so good but poor in decoration when quality and beautiful rugs are far – fetched. The difference in your home is quite noticeable based on your choice of rugs. This is quite significant because your choice of rugs play a good role in determining the level of beauty you desire to see in your house. The floor of every grand building complex requires much suitable rugs to grant it compatibility in splendor and perfection. These rugs satisfy this need with perfect match.
Color blend is quite a stunning fit for the Caucasian Rugs. Sophisticated blend of color portends the grandeur of these rugs and quickly magnifies their adaptability. The beautiful color arrays make the rugs usable in any task with color match requirement. This is one of the major characteristics of these rugs that enhance their marketability. Your demand for color match in your building complex is bested here as these rugs present you with the right choices of color. Their designs are pretty bold and colorful to satiate this need.
The embroidered fabrics of these rugs are exclusively well-suited for places of constant foot traffic such as the foyers, common rooms and entries. Some of these rugs are embroidered with flat woven kelim, some are densely knotted, and some go with the warp and weft threads to ensure quality and durability. This is incredibly interesting as the fabrics embroidery shows the incredible texture and beauty of these rugs.
In order to ensure elegance, durability, suitability and toughness, these rugs have been sophisticatedly designed with the best of color combination and fabrics knotting and embroidery. The consumer is now faced with the best of choice in his or her quest for excellent and quality rugs. It should be worthy of note that the mastery displayed on these rugs in artistic creativity and thickness give them the competitiveness they sure possess. As a consumer, the finest rugs you would ever wish to desire have been brought to your door step by the beautiful and creative designs, color blend, fabrics cross-stitch and comfort made available in Caucasian Rugs by our experts.

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