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Design = Tapestry

#126 - Tapestry
7' 2" X 7' 6"

#3027 - Tapestry
10' X 9' 6"


Tapestry Rugs – The Charm Of Your Home!

If you want to make your home look like a charming palace, you have to get your Tapestry Rugs from Aviram Aziz Inc. Our company has a great collection of rugs and carpets in varying styles, designs and sizes. Tapestry Rugs are traditionally woven either on a vertical loom or a floor loom. They are made of two sets of interlaced threads which run parallel in length and width. This is a great form of textile art which can be done only by professionally trained weavers. It is a very intricate work where minutest detail is to be taken care of; otherwise the pattern would look askew. Different colored threads are woven together to bring out a unique piece of art. We offer them in a variety of colors and patterns.
We offer a large collection of antique oriental rugs includes Chinese, Indian Persian, Caucasian, Turkish, and European rugs. Rugs and carpets create a cozy atmosphere in the home. The welcoming effect attracts people to visit you more often. They blend easily with any kind of interior and adds to the style and comfort to the home. It adds a splash of color to any room and creates a live atmosphere. They can be a sought after possession if it has an antique value. A hand woven carpet has more value because of we offer them in unique patterns and designs.
Our collection of antique carpets are a compilation of Oushak, Tapestries Lavar and Kerman, Heriz and Serapi, Aubussons, Sultanabad, Sarouk and Tabriz.  Tapestry Rugs have versatile use and value. In addition to the basic use of floor coverings, they can also be used as mats and throws, wall hangings and mountings, etc. They provide a great insulation to the homes as they spread warmth all around. This type on intricate pattern generally depicts a scene or a picture. They are generally used as wall hangings, but rugs are equally popular. Mural and other types of static art are also depicted here. We offer them in all styles and sizes.
The use of numerous colored threads and their blending together makes an intricate play of light and color. The subtle shades of colors and their interplay is what make the patterns on the Tapestry Rugs very unique and exclusive. They give the feel of a classical painting of bygone era. The patterns are such that they are a work of art and the love of the owner. One has a wide variety of choice of patterns to purchase the rugs.
The price and size of Tapestry Rugs varies considerably. It depends on the intricacy of pattern, the quality of threads used in making them, the time value of the rug, etc. No matter what the cost, the buyer just loves each of them because of its uniqueness. The style and patterns of the rugs are very attractive. We love to give your home or office a totally different perspective after the rugs are placed.
Aviram Aziz Inc have a massive collection of Tapestry Rugs and also proudly offer expert rug repair and cleaning services performed right in our showroom located in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

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