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Design = kilim

#73957 - kilim
12' 7" X 4' 11"

#23725 - kilim
15' 9" X 5' 5"

#31459 - kilim
16' 2" X 5' 2"

#30 - kilim
10' 8" X 5' 6"

#73842 - kilim
6' 4" X 4' 3"


Kilim Rugs - An Introspection

Aviram Aziz Inc is a one stop source for understanding different types of Antique and Decorative rugs as well as for placing orders for them. Kilim is a flat tapestry woven rug which is usually produced in Pakistan. These rugs are commonly used as prayer rugs. Lots of people use this form of rugs for purely decorative purposes. Kilim rugs are a widely popular decorative item in Western households. Aviram Aziz has a nice collection of Kilim rugs in addition to having all other decorative rugs like Persian, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese and European rugs.
These rugs are usually made by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave. The result is that a flat surface without pile is produced. Most of the weaves used in manufacturing this form of rugs are weft-facing. The horizontal weft strands are tightly pulled downwards so that they cover up the vertical strands. The weft strands which hold the design and color are mainly made out of wool. The hidden warp strands are usually made of cotton or wool. The warp strands will only be visible at the ends. At the ends these warp strands emerge as fringes. Craftsmen usually tie the fringes in bunches to prevent loosening of the weave.
Kilim rugs are cheaper compared to pile rugs and hooked rugs. Therefore a lot of carpet collectors begin their collection with this form of rugs. However, high quality Kilim rugs have expensive price tags attached to them. This form of rugs is categorized into several types. Some of the most famous types we offer to our customers include Gunny Kilim, Suzani Kilim, Needlework Kilim, Jol and Ordinary. Gunny Kilims type is woven with various colored pieces of cloth. Suzani Kilims are embroidered with raised figures after weaving the ordinary Kilim. Needlework Kilims are usually hung on the wall and are woven using cotton threads. In Jol, the surface of the rug is embroidered. Decorative designs are used in this form of rugs. Ordinary Kilim are usually woven using cotton, wool threads and hemp.
One of the major differences between Kilim rugs and pile rugs that we would like to discuss here is that the design on the former is made by interweaving the colored wefts and warps. This type of weaving is known as flatweave. Kilims are usually designed in colors like red, blue, white and rust. Several variants of these colors are also used in designing these types of rugs. Some craftsmen choose to use pin gold color while designing the rugs. Vegetable and natural dyes are often used for coloring the wool. The designs used by craftsmen are often referred to as Southwestern due to its origins.
Most interior decorators go for Kilims after considering the contrast and harmony that it will provide to the area where it will be used. If you are shopping for Kilims, then consider the paint color and flooring at your home as the main criteria. Make sure that you purchase a rug which blends well with the interior. The rug you purchase should not be too loud. If you are not sure about which color to choose, it is preferable to go for light colored Kilims with subtle designs. If you are planning to use the rugs at your workplace, Kilims with sophisticated designs and deep colors can be purchased. It is preferable that you browse through our online portal to find the variety of Kilims available.

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