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Design = soumak

#12364 - soumak
11' 9" X 6' 2"

#11462 - soumak
15' 3" X 8' 9"

#24068 - soumak
6' 1" X 9'

#22002 - soumak
10' 2" X 6' 3"

#22902 - soumak
15' 7" X 9' 7"

#22754 - soumak
12' 7" X 8' 7"

#10686 - soumak
10' X 3' 10"

#74270 - soumak
8' 3" X 3' 7"

#18458 - soumak
5' 3" X 11'

#18434 - soumak
10' 1" X 14' 8"

#24665 - soumak
10' 1" X 8' 4"


Beauty Angel - Soumak Rugs

You are invited to peruse the depth of resources found in Aviram Aziz Inc., the origin of world-class Antique and Decorative Rugs specifically, Soumak Rugs. When quality comes to bare and elegance pretty much required, these rugs, originated in Shemakja, stays ahead. The dream of interiors is to bring life and glamour to home fashion, and these rugs satisfy very effectively, this passion.
Modishness and superiority are epitomized in Soumak Rugs. They are embroidered for durability and sophistication to enhance safe usage in areas of torrential foot traffic. Our rugs are uniquely created and fabulously selected for viability and toughness. Hallways, lounge, common rooms are places where these rugs fit in to guarantee proper compliance. Because of the durable nature of the rugs, they can be extremely used to suit any occasion or place; hence they can last quite a long time.
Everyone of our consumer would embrace the beauty these rugs portend as their colors are fashionably and artistically blended to complexity. The magnificent look of these color combination is unmatched and unparalleled. The colors easily match with any complex building color. Despite the sophistication in color selection in buildings ranging from offices to residential houses, Soumak Rugs quietly maintain balance compatibility. The wall colors can now get matched with the rugs of same color blend. This is one of the most incredible characteristics the rugs possess. Name your choice of color and be greeted with commensurate rugs that agree very easily to your color option. The mouth widens, the eyes blink, and the ears twinkle at the ultramodern color depiction portrayed in these rugs.
Sizes of these rugs are somewhat conventionally matching in all sizes of rooms, hallways, common rooms. Soumak Rugs are customized in sizes to easily match with all room sizes. The thickness of these rugs ranges favorably as it matches all purposes. This is felt you step on them; they are pretty soft, comfortable and possess some depth. You can stand on the rugs for some time and yet would feel less pain if not none because of the soft and lofty texture. The embroidered fabrics make all the difference in thickness and texture. The glad tiding is that these rugs maintain their thickness for a very long time. They easily can thrive where they roughly handled and constantly used. This very easily maintains balance, and brings exclusive satisfaction to you – the consumer.
The combination of color, blending of exclusively good fabrics and consequent durability, reliability and sustainability present the consumer the glamour, class and taste which are so dearly required. You may never get the best of rugs outside these rugs. Your choice is now and most importantly, can determine the next look of your office, rooms, vestibules, common rooms, entry and lounge. It quickly comes to mind what taste, quality, elegance and sophistication you look for. Early decision of what type of rugs to buy marks the fun you are very likely to entertain in your next visit to your office, house or lounge. The unending dream for excellence, beauty, quality and class become a reality in the use of Soumak Rugs.

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