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Rug Detail

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Rug No. m-32181
Design Aubusson
Size 24' 9" X 16'
Color Ivory / Ivory
Age 1880 
Origin European 
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Aubusson Rugs

For The Elegant Look!

We, at Aviram Aziz Inc., offer the best quality rugs and carpets. Aubusson Rugs though date back to the 19th century, our collection of these rigs give a very modern and elegant look to your home. The original ones were woven before 1870 in Aubusson. Today, their replica is made in many countries like India, China, Pakistan and Iran. These rugs have a rich cultural heritage which is more than three hundred years old and its reputation as a piece of decoration for homes has grown over the years. We have a wide array of these types of rugs available as they are the most preferred ones.
In business for more than 25 years, we are very popular in America, Europe and Middle East. We have a huge collection of unique and distinct carpets and oriental rugs like Indian, Persian, Turkish, and European, Chinese and Caucasian rugs. Once you decide that you want to give the French look and feel to your home, do not hesitate to choose the Aubusson Rugs for your living room and other rooms as well. These types of rugs blend well with your interior and give a rich feel to your overall interior. The will give an air of richness and opulence to your ambiance and will create a lasting impression in the minds of your family and friends. we offer to give your home will have the palatial look after you place these rugs in them.
Aubusson Rugs give a sophisticated look to your home. Their intricate designs and rich color combination makes them the most sought after piece of decoration. We have them in all the popular patterns. If you visit our shop, you will find out that these rugs are the most eye catching of the lot. The intricate patterns and beautiful colors would give your room a vibrant look without making any major changes. We offer a variety of color and pattern in these rugs so you would get the exact one you want for your hallway.
If you are looking for the best rugs, you have come at the right place. The Aubusson Rugs available here will give you what you exactly want. We offer the best deals in the world in these rugs. Without compromising on the quality or material, we give our customers the utmost satisfaction. We guarantee that the best is available here. We also have a large selection of antique carpets comprising of Lavar and Kerman, Heriz and Serapi, Aubussons, Tabriz, Sultanabad, Oushak, Sarouk and Tapestries.
These rugs have a distinct style and quality. The floral medallion and beautiful pastel colors make them stand out from other rugs and carpets. We have them in all sizes and shapes to suit your requirements. Depending on the place where you want to put them, you can choose your piece. Aubusson Rugs give you the feel of richness and glamour without much effort and that is why we sell them the most. We tend to the needs of individual clients and interior decorators and architects. We have our doors open for collectors and rugs dealers, too.


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