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Rug Detail

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Rug No. 32316
Design Axminster
Size 21' 7" X 36'
Color Red / Brown
Age 1870 
Origin English 
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English Rugs – What’s The Secret Behind Their Classy Look

Welcome to your own Aviram Aziz Inc. we are here to provide you customary, eye-catching, and ornamental English rugs. Here, we have Turkish, Chinese, Persian, European, Indian, and Caucasian rugs.
Are you looking for decorating your living room with something very classy and stylish? If yes, then look for an English rug. It will fill all the deficiencies and gaps in your room. English rugs can become a family heirloom as their beauty and sophistication are never out of fashion. They are tremendously versatile and they work on any type of floor and room. Carpet weaving in England started in 6th and 17th century. Before even the word wall to wall was invented, rugs were used for decoration. In the beginning, lion or tiger skins were used as rugs. People also used them as beds. When man learned about sheep wool and weaving them, they started to make rugs from wool. Rugs were first hand weaved but now they are they are made in machines.
England produces one of the world’s best wool, thanks to its environment. Britain sheep faced very harsh conditions which made its wool outstanding for carpets and rugs. Its fiber has the high degree of natural crimp in it so this wool has more resilience than other carpets. Due to this factor, Britain wool can withstand heavy pressure and footfall. So, English rugs can maintain their quality and fiber over a long period of time.
Our Rugs are of different sizes from spread out to oversize, Lavar and Kerman, focusing in Aubussons, Sarouk, Sultanabad, tapestries, Tabriz, Oushak and Heriz and Serapi. Our English rugs have an unprecedented value in the market. They are made up of 100% pure Britain wool. The traditional colors in these carpets are green, navy, red, and ivory. Their designs are influenced by the history of English countryside. These are the representations of English royalty.
English rugs have patterns of floral designs all over them or geometrical designs can also be found in these rugs. Antique rugs also had sceneries woven on thehm. These sceneries represented the English culture. They can be found in every shape, round, square or triangular. Prices of these rugs range from $50-$300 or even more. Price depends on their size, number of knots, design and quality. From the moment you bring one in your home, you will forget what you paid for it. It can surely make your house a white house once you install it.
Getting an English rug can be your dream but when you get it, you have to be careful with it. You must know how to take care of a rug. You must place your rug in a place where it attracts the most attention of entrants.
Sometimes, some patterns look well only in specific angles. You should attach adhesive stripes underneath the corners of rug to prevent it from folding. And when it comes to English rugs, you should keep your room ventilated for one or two weeks. This is to avoid chemical emissions from it. Just give it a shot and you won’t repent our collection at your home or workplace.

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