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Rug Detail

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Rug No. 32139
Design Agra
Size 13' X 10'
Color Rose / Ivory
Age 1880 
Origin India 
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What Agra Rugs Have To Offer You?

You can get best quality Agra rugs from Avirum Aziz Inc, because we are the best dealers in rugs and carpets. Agra is well known for Taj Mahal, a tomb made by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his third wife, and Agra rugs are a specialty of this city. This city was famous for its large industry of carpets and rugs during the Mughal period. Mughal kings called skillful Persians to come to Agra and impart their skills and knowledge in India and especially in Agra. After Persians came to Agra, they started large carpet Industry in Lahore, where Persian designs and patterns have been followed. Their designs were a combination of Persian, Turkish and Mughal designs.
A large number of carpets and Agra rugs of that time are now found in the museums of America and throughout Europe. These rugs are famous because of their material and durability. We have special collection of rugs from areas like Aubussons, Heriz, Lavar and Kemran, Sultanabad, Sarouk, Tabriz, Oushak and Tapestries. They are considered as the most durable rugs throughout the world and especially in India. The rugs are very famous for their unique designs and sizes. Our industry uses their previous designs and pattern, which they have been using from the day of establishment. We produce rugs from their predecessor’s designs and do give variety to their rugs. Agra rugs have unique designs and the keep on changing its styles and wide its range of production. We have a complete variety of Agra rugs.
One of the most interesting things about Agra rugs is that they were also made by the prisoners of Agra Jail and there also of the same quality as made in the industry. At the beginning, it was ban on the import of rugs been made by prisoners, but later on it was considered as legal to import them as well.
The production of Agra Rugs sometimes became ceased, when they had to face a large decline in their production, sales and Industry. That was the worst period faced by this industry but, they were successful to resume their Industry and they started establishment again and take their Industry to the height of profit and success again. Now, their rugs and carpets are known for their unique designs, sizes and are considered as the decorative pieces not only in India but on international basis. We assure you that you can take your original and high quality antique rugs from us because we have original Persian, Turkish, Indian, European and Chinese rugs.
We have a wide range of rugs and carpets with various sizes, color combinations, unique designs and patterns. It is difficult to identify Agra rugs because they vary in wide range of color combination, designs and composition. Their fields mostly composed of colors like olive green, fawns, blues, and tans and also can be red or combination of many other colors. Mostly, they are been woven with wool but they can also be found in cotton stuff. Agra rugs have never been a victim of ignorance that’s why they have a lot to offer you.


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