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Rug Detail

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Rug No. 31212
Design Savonnerie
Size 12' X 10' 6"
Color Light Brown / Light Green
Age 1880 
Origin European 
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Savonnerie Rugs - A Symbol Of Creativity

Avirma Aziz inc. welcomes their customers by giving them creative, unique, and wonderful rugs to use like the Savonnerie rugs, Agra rugs, and many others. Savonnerie rugs have great history and well-known in the world because of its wonderful patterns and colors. Its manufacturing unit was considered as the most impressive European manufacturing industry of carpets. In 1628, workshop for this rug was laid down by the Pierre Dupont in Paris under the direction of Henry IV.  These rugs are designed specifically for the royal palaces. Therefore, directions are received directly from the royal court artist and designers. These rugs are so famous among the concerned people in the present era, and maximum advantages are received by the manufacturing company. However, after French revolution it was moved to the Gobelins.
The material used in Savonnerie rugs, gives it a more beautiful outlook. They are manufactured by using wool along with small quantity of silk, and are knotted by Ghirodes knot. It has pile texture, whose length ranger from 20mm to 25mm. According to an approximate, a rug contains almost ninety knots in the square inch. In beginning, some rugs contained the Persian design patterns, but later the style was amended into purely French design, having medallions, flower patterns, different color themes, and multiple boundaries design for rugs. With the passage of time, under different centuries, amendments were tried to introduce in these rugs, and some changes were successful while some were rejected depending on its quality and design.
We have a large collection of ancient rugs available for the people to do shopping from which have wonderful designs, patterns and colors. Some of the unique characteristics of Savonnerie rugs are that it had enjoyed the great admiration as a best rug in the Europe in the 18th century. It was manufactured manually from the pure wool. It contains different and unique designs and colors pattern that were different from all the other existing rugs in the market. It was specially designed for palaces on special demand by the manufacturer.
We are serving our customers with a great variety in rugs including Turkish rugs, Persian, Indian, European and many others. Savonnerie rugs are nowadays delivered to the customers all over the world on their extreme demand. Our manufacturers try to deliver the best possible services to the customers by keeping their satisfaction level high. Besides Savonnerie rugs’ qualities and its durability, you also need to find repairing and cleaning service to maintain and keep it safe and sound. This helps to reuse the rugs, which looks just like the new rug.
Nowadays, these rugs are tried to copy by different Asian countries by introducing same patterns and colors like India, Pakistan, and China, which are also well-known for creating wonderful manual products. This shows the worth and demand of Savonnerie rugs among the people and their efforts for preserving the original ancient products still in the market. Rugs are available in different sizes at Avirma Aziz store that can be best placed in formal rooms to add to their beauty.


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