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Rug No. 10409
Design Tabriz
Size 4' 2" X 5' 1"
Color Beige / Blue
Age 1900 
Origin Silk 
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Tabriz Rugs:  Masterpieces From Persia

We welcome you to the Aviram Aziz Inc, your source for Antique and Decorative Rugs. Tabriz rugs, a type of Persian rug, are known worldwide for their excellent weave quality and traditional beauty.  These rugs are named for the city of Tabriz, currently the capital city of East Azarbaijan Province in Iran.  The tradition of rug making in Tabriz dates back as far as the 12th century.  Carpet weaving in Persia has a rich and storied history and is a major part of this region’s ancient culture and art.   Initially, these fine rugs were created for practical reasons-to cover a cold floor.  As time went on, the quality and design of the rugs turned these into works of art and beauty that begin to symbolize the wealth and stature of the owners.   Towards the end of the 19th century, rug merchants began to export these fine works of art to the Western world, predominantly Europe.   The rug and carpet weavers were very skilled at creating patterns and designs that appealed to foreign consumers.  That tradition continues today. 

Our antique rugs’ collection includes Aubussons, Heriz and Serapi, Lavar and Kerman, Sarouk, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak and Tapestries.  Tabriz rugs are not distinguished necessarily by a specific pattern or color, although there are some common themes that one can recognize.  Instead, these Persian rugs are known for their high quality and diversity of types.  The tradition in Tabriz is one of the oldest in all of Iran.  Within the rug-making world, families would pass down the skills as an heirloom for future generations.  Centuries of rug weaving have resulted in the fine quality still seen with Tabriz rugs today. 

Patterns that were common to see with Tabriz rugs include a classical central medallion with a border weave of fish scales, leaves, stems or flowers.  The border design is often fine and detailed and has been described as lacelike.  Background color was usually cream, red or navy blue.  Coloration typically consisted of soft pastels.  Other patterns you may find include all over patterns or pictorial patterns.  We have a large collection of antique oriental rugs including Persian, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese and European rugs. Tabriz rug designers were influenced by Oriental poetry and these influences often were manifested in the design of the rug pattern.  Pictorial patterns of falconry, battle scenes, palaces and even lions are occasionally seen. 

Tabriz rugs are made with either a pile or flat weave and with very simple to more complex composition.  Each rug is hand woven and hand knotted such that each artist creates a one of a kind product.  Persian rug quality is sometimes determined by knot density or rajs.  The higher the raj number or knot density, the finer the quality of the rug.  Tabriz rugs range from 24 raj to 110 raj.  The thread used to weave the rug is either cotton or silk. 

Modern Tabriz rugs continue to represent wealth, beauty and traditional style.  Instead of placing these masterpieces on the floor for the world to walk upon, many of the customers like these high-end works to be hung on the walls as tapestries to be admired like wall art.   The art of fine carpet weaving represents an ancient Persian tradition.   Our collection of Tabriz rugs, known for their fine quality and excellent weave, continue to delight rug aficionados and designers today.


Silk Rugs From Aviram Aziz Inc

Aviram Aziz Inc is your one stop solution for Antique and Decorative rugs. We offer a large collection of oriental rugs to our esteemed customers. Items in our catalogue are handpicked after extensive scrutiny and therefore the quality of the products is protected. We source rugs from expert craftsmen from different parts of the world. We offer rugs from different regions and styles. Silk rugs offered by us are especially preferred by Interior decorators and home owners. Apart from traditional handmade Silk rugs we also offer Persian, Turkish, Indian, Caucasian, Chinese and European rugs made out of silk. Browse through our site to find mesmerizing collections of rugs. You will surely find a rug that matches your needs and requirements.
Silk rugs often have a soothing feel when compared to the ones that are manufactured using wool. These rugs are extremely soft and give a soothing effect to the surface on which it is laid. These rugs are also often more expensive than those made using wool or cotton. Very often you will be able to see that warp and wefts of Turkish carpets are woven using silk for giving it a thin yam. This method is followed as fewer strands are required for the same length. Silk fibers are usually long when compared to the cotton fibers. Silk may sometimes be used in the knots of oriental carpets for highlighting designs. Floral designs are often found to be enhanced when woven using silk.
Silk rugs demand extreme care and good maintenance. As they are not as durable as wool rugs, it is not appropriate to use them as floor coverings. These rugs are most suited to be used as coverings for furniture and beds. Also special care should be given while cleaning rugs made out of silk. These rugs are sensitive to wear and tear. No harsh chemicals or detergents should be used while cleaning these rugs. It is preferable to vacuum clean these rugs once in a while to keep them in optimum condition. Oriental rugs and carpets made from Silk are more than often prone to damages. So it is recommended that you do not display these rugs and carpets in places where they are likely to be damaged.
Antique Silk made oriental rugs use silks sourced from cocoon farmed in Bursa. This natural silk is quite strong and durable compared to the floss silk which is used in modern oriental carpets. So if you are looking for a silk rug which stands the test of time, it is preferable to go for Antique Silk rugs. Often silk is complemented with silver and gold threads in traditional oriental rugs. These threads impart a marvelous shiny effect to the rugs. The panache of such form of rugs is unmatchable by regular oriental rugs. Silk rugs complemented with gold and silver are usually available at expensive price tags. You can find an elaborate collection of such rugs from our website. Silk rugs have to be chosen with care as they are expensive, but we will ensure that we provide top quality silk rugs and necessary services to ensure that you can use them for longer period of time.

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