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Design = Hooked Rug

#31104 - Hooked Rug
9' 4" X 6'


A Sneak Peak Into The World Of Hooked Rugs

A trusted source to find any piece of Antique and Decorated rugs, that is what Aviram Aziz Inc is all about. We have a wide selection carpets ranging from Aubussons, Heriz and Serapi, Lavar and Kerman, Sarouk, Sultanabad, Tabriz, Oushak to Tapestries. Hooked rugs are one of the most in demand rugs, preferred by home and business owners from all parts of the globe. These rugs have an element of distinctiveness or individuality attached to them.
Decorating your place with hooked rugs will definitely be one of the smartest ways to revitalize the environment. An unmatchable ambience is created by these rugs which impart a welcome feel to the place where it is laid. Such rugs have the capability to transform a dull room into a vibrant one. These rugs can also be used to define an area of interest at your home. These rugs can also be used to add warmth to otherwise cold tiles and concrete floors.
Hooked rugs can also be used to protect hardwood flooring and wall to wall carpeting. The entire appeal of the home décor can be revolutionized by aptly using the right rugs. These rugs are extremely versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. You will be able to find the use of such rugs when you decorate your living room, bed room or even guest area. These rugs are also available in colorful patterns which make them all the more attractive. Anyone visiting your home will surely notice the flamboyance of these rugs and will definitely give you a complement for having it. If you are a person who likes to give a vintage feel to your home, there are several hooked rugs available in vintage designs which will suit your cause.
The craftsmanship that goes behind hooked rugs is really worth mentioning. Our skilled craftsmen spend days designing and hooking the rugs, to weave a masterpiece. There are very few authentic craftsmen out there who excel at making such form of rugs. Therefore it is important to check the quality of the rug before purchasing it. Genuine hooked rugs do not collect allergens which otherwise cause health complications to the inhabitants of the home. These rugs are perfect for home environment with children. Especially if your home has wooden floorings, you will find these rugs extremely useful. These rugs will help to increase the longevity of the flooring.

Hooked rugs are manufactured by us using the oldest textile fabric known to man-wool. The durable quality of the wool will be very much evident in any genuinely crafted hooked rug. There are various categories of this form of rug including oriental, formal, Persian, contemporary, casual etc. Each of these types will have its own charisma and style.

You should select the rug depending upon its use and where you are planning to place it. If you are planning to use the rug on a regularly used ground area, it is preferable to go for casual ones as they are made to last in high traffic areas. If you are planning to use such rugs for enhancing the appeal of certain area of your home, Persian ones will be the ideal choice. These types of rugs effortlessly increase the aura of the area. If you want to add more style to the place, you can go for vividly designed hooked rugs which sport enchanting handworks.

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